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A Wedding In Bali
A site designed specifically to offer helpful information to couples who may be considering celebrating their wedding on this beautiful island. A WEDDING IN BALI DOT COM is not a wedding company and will not ever offer to organize your wedding for you.

Bali Commitments
If you feel that the time has come for you and your loved one to declare your undying love and commitment to each other, in a ceremony prepared just for you, why not do so right here in beautiful Bali? Unfortunately, it is not yet possible for gay and lesbian couples to be legally married in Indonesia but, this does not mean that you cannot celebrate your love with a very special ceremony of commitment.

Bali Villa Weddings
Bali Villa Weddings & Events is dedicated to serving discerning visitors to Bali with villa accommodation needs, wedding, commitment, blessing or vow renewal ceremonies and/or any other type of function or event you might like to organize during your visit to this wonderful island.

Bali Weddings International
It is possible for most nationalities of the world to be legally and properly married here on the beautiful island of Bali. Bali Weddings International, is the island?s original and most experienced wedding specialist and was opened in 1992 specifically to assist foreigners who choose to be married here and as such, can be relied on to ensure perfect preparation and co-ordination of every aspect of your wedding arrangements.

Bali Paradise Weddings
Over the past decade thousands of couples around the world have decided that a destination wedding is right for them and, of these, many hundreds have chosen Bali as the perfect place for their destination wedding ceremony and celebration! The paradise island of Bali with it?s lovely beaches, swaying palms, rice terraces, temples, warm, welcoming talented people and highly spiritual atmosphere has indeed proven itself to many, many visitors to be an ideal place to celebrate any number of special events : weddings, vow renewals, Balinese Blessing Ceremonies or very special Ceremonies of Commitment or indeed any type of special event! Once you?ve decided that a destination wedding or event in Bali is exactly what you seek you?ll be in a position where you?ll need to decide just who to make responsible for the organization of all your arrangements. Check out Bali Paradise Weddings website.

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